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Buying your first transportation

You just arrived in the USA: what you should know before buying your first transportation. Going outside a dealership and seeing hundreds of parked vehicles with signs announcing their sale, at prices that are often very affordable, is one of the first temptations that immigrants recently arrived in the US succumb to. What seemed impossible in your country can now be achieved. “With two months of salary I buy a transportation.”
Some are so enthusiastic about the idea that they don’t even wait to have the papers in order and they start buying “their car”. But, it is better to temper that euphoria, because before you can drive your vehicle legally, you need to meet certain requirements.
Florida law requires that every car that drives in the state must be registered, have a license plate and insurance.
On the other hand, Florida has many good things, but it is not one of the states that allows undocumented immigrants to drive.
However, it is possible in Florida to obtain a driver’s license before having permanent residence, if this foreigner can present to the Department of Highway and Safety -FLHSMV- the passport with a stamp that shows their legal entry into the country or a visa. Also if he presents a document that proves that he has been admitted for asylum or if he can present the form that shows that he already has a Social Security number. In addition, he must show some proof of residence in Florida: a water payment stub, the rental agreement, or a bank card.
Now with the license in hand, you can register the vehicle you dream of so much and to do so they will ask you to present a vehicle insurance policy. Only then can you enjoy the privilege of driving in Florida.
Keep in mind that driving without a license or insurance is putting your American Dream at risk. For the moment, while the documents arrive, it is better to wait for the bus or find a friend who will take you everywhere. Better times will come. The dealerships here are always full of cars. You just arrived in the USA: what you should know before buying your first transportation.

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