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You own a restaurant, these are the coverages you need

You own a restaurant, these are the coverages you need. Restaurants can vary in size, from large to medium to small. They may serve alcoholic beverages or not, offer take-out food, provide catering services for private parties or offices, or even have entertainment. Before opening their doors, restaurant owners must make a significant investment, spending substantial resources on kitchen appliances, ovens, grills, mixers, blenders, fryers, refrigerators, air conditioning, cash register systems, tables, showcases, and decorations.
Once it starts operating, the restaurant owner’s concern is to ensure a steady flow of income, prevent any disruptions to the business, and minimize the risks associated with their commercial venture. A cautious owner is aware that they are not immune to fires, customer lawsuits, serious employee injuries, theft, or equipment breakdowns that could keep the business closed for weeks. Hence, the key question is, how can these risks be mitigated and the investment protected to the fullest extent?
For this purpose, there is a specialized insurance package for restaurants called BOP (Business Owner’s Policy) that encompasses various coverages for potential risks. It combines general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, business income insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, equipment breakdown insurance, contaminated food insurance, and, if necessary, commercial auto insurance, parking liability insurance, and liquor liability coverage.
If you are considering opening a restaurant, don’t hesitate to call the specialists at Univista Insurance, who will help you tailor a commercial insurance package to fit your business, with policies that ensure the necessary peace of mind to focus on satisfying your customers with the best service and increasing your profits. Rest assured that at Univista Insurance, you can obtain the cheapest commercial insurance in all of Florida. You own a restaurant, these are the coverages you need.

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