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Goodbye to the headache

I remember when my grandmother called me to thread the needle. I would stop what I was doing and in the blink of an eye, on the first attempt, I would pass the thread through the small steel hole, like the one that introduces the foot through the leg of a pair of pants.

But the needles have become smaller as I have matured. Now I am the one who calls my 16 year old daughter and I ask her: “Honey, come and read me the label of this medicine.”

Sometimes I think I would need to have longer arms to get away from a newspaper and be able to read its headlines. When I type I have to set the computer font to size 16. Otherwise I can barely see it.

Recently, due to the frequent severe headaches, I went to the doctor and it turned out that I need glasses.

“You have presbyopia,” the eye doctor told me, after examining my eyes with dilated pupils. So, he prescribed a pair of eyeglasses for me.

I paid $ 20 for the exam and $ 20 for the glasses. And she gave me another pair of prescription glasses. Thanks to the fact that vision insurance covers me one pair of glasses a year and an eye check.

Until then I thought I had solved with the pharmacy glasses. But the eye doctor explained to me that “they are fine for a moment of trouble. But its regular use is not recommended. The correct thing is to graduate your sight well, since each eye is different. And in pharmacy glasses that property is not fulfilled. ”

So, I was right to take out my vision insurance. So every year I will check my eyesight and perhaps have surgery to avoid using more glasses.

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