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Can my dog infect me with coronavirus?

Can my dog infect me with coronavirus? One of the possibilities of infection that was considered when the pandemic began as if the companion animals could be infected by a coronavirus and spread the disease back to humans.

That concern gained strength, especially on April 5, when the news appeared on thousands of world covers that a tiger from the Bronx Zoo in New York had been infected, after being exposed to an asymptomatic caregiver infected with COVID -19. Later they detected that there were three infected cats.

But the report from the Department of Agriculture’s National Veterinary Laboratory (USDA) made it clear that although those zoo tigers had been infected, it was unlikely that they could infect humans.

However, health authorities recommend washing your hands with soap and water after petting a pet.

Although it is highly unlikely that your pet will spread the coronavirus, it may happen that it runs away from your home and bites a child who bothers you through the gate (according to the Center for Disease Control in the USA, 4.5 million are produced bites a year). Or that he runs away and causes a car accident. Regardless of the provocation, the demands will always be directed to the owner of the animal. Can my dog infect me with coronavirus?

Sometimes man’s best friend can cause us some pretty expensive problems.

To avoid major ills, when you have a pet, the best solution is to have home insurance. And you will ask yourself, why?

Quite simply, home insurance generally includes a policy that protects you from claims for damages that your dog may cause.

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