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Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage, the policy to protect your vehicle from the water. Faced with the threat of Hurricane Isaías, the Mayor of Miami-Dade called residents to take extreme preventive measures to face bad weather and gave a series of recommendations, half of them directed at drivers.

Carlos Giménez advised avoiding flooded areas and explained the steps to follow when someone who drives the car accidentally submerges the water.

Yes, in the cyclone season it is common for the streets to become true channels through which cars travel like boats. But submerging a car in water can be lethal, as it could damage the engine, electrical system, and interior if water gets into it.

Information is power. Many drivers pay their insurance for years and when they go to claim the damage suffered in a flood, they discover that they lack protection.

That is why, at this time, it is advisable to contact your insurer to check the coverage you have. If you do not have comprehensive insurance, contract it.

Without question, Florida is one of the states most prone to flooding in the rainy season in the United States. Owners of Sunshine State vehicles should purchase Comprehensive Coverage as if it were mandatory. It is the one that covers damages in events not related to accidents or collisions. For example, if the car catches on fire, if it is stolen, vandalism, if a tree falls on it if it is dented by hail or is damaged after a flood.

Call Univista Insurance to ensure the necessary protection for your vehicle, now that the waters are lurking.

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