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The Nightingale and the Rose?

They say that a young student was madly in love with the beautiful daughter of his teacher. There was going to be a dance at the place and she promised that she would dance with him all night, if he brought him a red rose.

After unsuccessfully searching for the flower, the young man cried inconsolably because he was going to lose the love of his life. “So much studying, so much knowing philosophy and my love depends on a red rose,” the disheartened young man lamented bitterly.

A nightingale nesting in a tree in front of his window felt compassion for the young man’s crying, whom he considered a true lover. He even felt a little embarrassed because while he suffered, he dedicated himself to singing and singing.

Moved, the bird decided to get the rose at any cost, so that the young man could declare his love for his beautiful beloved.

The nightingale flew through all the rose bushes in the area, but none had a red rose. On his way back to his nest he saw a rose bush just under the young student’s window and asked him, why didn’t he have roses? To which the rose bush replied that the cold winter had dried it. When the nightingale explained that he needed a red rose before sunrise, the bush said to him: “If you want a rose you have to make it in the moonlight, with your music, and dye it with blood from your heart. You dare?” “Although I love life very much and enjoy it, said the nightingale, how do you compare the heart of a bird with the heart of a man in love?”

Death is a good price for a red rose, said the bird. When night came, the nightingale placed his chest on one of the thorns of the rose bush and began to sing sweetly in the moonlight.
As the melody emerged, an increasingly beautiful rose grew. “But he is pale,” said the bird. The rosebush asked him to put his chest more against the thorn so that he could reach the heart and stain it with his blood. So did the nightingale and the flower began to turn purple red. However, the poor nightingale was exhausted and died.

The next day, the young man in love looked out the window and saw a beautiful red rose that he took with joy to take to his beloved ……. (We are not going to tell the end of this story).

Many people associate life insurance with an act of sacrifice similar to that of the nightingale in the famous story by Oscar Wilde that we have summarized here. Although having life insurance is an act of love, because it seeks to guarantee the financial tranquility of the family in the event that one dies, it is not an act of sacrifice. This materializes with a small monthly payment that will depend on the type of life insurance that is contracted and the age of the client.

Univista Insurance insurance specialists can explain how to ensure the family’s financial stability in the event of loss of life.

I advance you a secret: for this you will not have to put your chest on any thorn.

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