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Halloween Hazards Covered by Home Insurance

Potential Halloween Hazards Covered by Home Insurance. The time of year most awaited by the little ones in the house has arrived. The night when the witches come out is coming and we must decorate the home with typical decorations of the celebration.
We will place pumpkins with candles in the corners. Spider webs on the lamps and ghoulish ornaments everywhere. We will find a costume for each member of the family, including the dog. We will prepare cookies and allegorical cakes. And, of course, we will place by the door a large tray full of candies for when the neighborhood children come and tell us “trick or treat”.
According to statistics, from 2017 to 2019, an average of 9,200 fires was reported in the US, in the three days around the Halloween party. Statistics that help us to remain vigilant and take the necessary precautionary measures.
However, if something should go wrong and a fire occurs in your home, your homeowner’s insurance will most likely cover it.
On Halloween, all night long, groups of costumed children rush in and out. If we have pets, we must keep them under control because, with so much excitement, they could bite one of the little ones. Of course, if this painful incident were to occur, your home insurance policy could protect you from a liability lawsuit and, in addition, it would cover the medical expenses incurred by the victim. The same could happen if one of the children, who enters his property, is injured. Potential Halloween Hazards Covered by Home Insurance.
Not everyone goes out to celebrate on Halloween, it is the perfect setting for thieves to go out and do their thing and want to take something that does not correspond to them.
Coincidentally, homeowners policies seem to have been tailored to the perils that lurk on Halloween night as they cover: fire, theft, accidents, and pet bites.
If you are looking for cheaper home insurance, call Univista Insurance and say “trick or treat.”

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