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Protect your company from an unexpected remote demand

Pandemic times have accelerated the introduction of teleworking. Many companies prefer that their employees practice from home rather than assemble them in an office where everyone can catch the virus if one of them becomes infected. This would mean the end of your production.

The introduction of telework has been so widespread that there are countries that are beginning to regulate it. Legislators are already talking about the hours of workers, the right to disconnect and the payment of costs related to the tools and means linked to the development of their work activity.

There is no doubt that the virus has given us a push towards digitization and the new challenges that this entails. Many new entrepreneurs believe that the fact that their employees are working from home and have no contact with their clients exonerates them from having commercial insurance. Could not be farther from the truth.

What happens if an employee has an accident at home and is practicing telework? Or what if your computer is attacked and sensitive material or programs that cost thousands of dollars are lost?
What happens if a client is victimized by a bad practice of one of our tele-employees?

Companies that telecommute should maintain their business owner policy (BOP) and review their liability coverage and workers’ compensation insurance with a specialist under current conditions.

Call Univista Insurance and update your BOP policy, because telecommuting makes you vulnerable to remote claims.

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