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What Happens if I Die Skydiving?

What happens if I have life insurance and I die skydiving? Most people who buy life insurance seek to ensure financial protection for their family in the event that they go missing. They pay for a potential risk that may occur in the future. For their part, the business of insurers is to calculate the risks to know how much they should put the premiums of their clients.
A 70-year-old will not get the same life insurance premium as a 20-year-old. Logically, the risk of the first is greater and therefore the higher will be his premium.
The same happens when it comes to insuring someone who practices acrobatic skydiving in relation to a professional musician, whose hobby is playing cards. The former will certainly get a more expensive premium.
A simple way to explain how insurers calculate the risk of the potential client is by analyzing the different aspects of the life of the interested party until the moment of signing the contract that will protect his family for the future.
This means that if the musician, who has already signed life insurance, decides to start skydiving, for the time being, his policy premium should not change.
If this musician, who is now fond of skydiving, crashes and dies in one of his jumps, his coverage will not be affected. The family will obtain the agreed death benefit, provided the insurer establishes that the musician did not practice skydiving regularly before signing the policy, nor did he intend to practice it.
In short, if you have a life insurance policy, you can practice all the hobbies you want without worrying about your family being left behind. Of course, if you practice a risky activity or practiced it in the past, you must notify the insurer before signing the contract. What happens if I have life insurance and I die skydiving?
If in doubt, ask your Univista Insurance agent and they will explain the specific consequences of your hobby on your policy.

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