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What’s so special about restaurant insurance?

What’s so special about restaurant insurance? Large restaurant chains have emerged in Florida that were modest establishments in the first place. Thus was born the famous Tropical Chicken in 1988, Burger King in Jacksonville in 1953, and the famous Hooters opened its doors in Clearwater, a city west of Tampa, in 1983. The flavors brought from many corners of the world are mixed in the Sunshine State. to develop new smells and tastes that make local gastronomy unique.
According to the National Restaurant Association, there are about 41,500 restaurants and places where prepared food is sold in Florida.
Opening a gastronomic establishment in one of the most visited tourist centers in the world is a very attractive idea. But, in addition to looking for the location, the place, the type of menu, and before lighting the first stove, the owners must understand the coverage that their business insurance needs to include so that they are protected from the different risks related to their commercial activity.
The owner, therefore, will have to procure Business Owner’s Insurance (BOP), which combines commercial property and liability coverage in one package. Thus, the building where the restaurant is located, as well as equipment and furniture, are protected, and the business is defended against the claims of customers and workers.
You must also have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance, which protects employees in the event of occupational accidents and the business from possible lawsuits.
A key policy is a Coverage to protect Business Income, which covers significant losses the business may suffer if an essential supplier is suddenly unable to provide the raw materials to keep the business running.
For its part, the Alcoholic Beverage Sales Coverage protects the premises from any demand related to the sale of liquor and is necessary for the restaurant to receive authorization to market this type of beverage. And if you use a vehicle to move goods, it requires Commercial Auto Insurance.
As you can see, it is not a matter of lighting the stove and opening a restaurant, first it is necessary to ensure that the first link in this beautiful dream is not interrupted by a simple stumble. What’s so special about restaurant insurance?
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