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About UniVista Insurance

UniVista Insurance is a family owned and operated, independent insurance agency that has been protecting Florida’s residents for over 10 years. Our corporate mission is to provide affordable and innovative insurance solutions that allow customers prepare and protect their life and loved ones while nurturing customer loyalty, professional growth and a positive influence within the community.

UniVista Insurance has become a trusted leader among Florida insurance agencies and companies by providing quality protection, superior customer service, offering lowest insurance rates in Florida. Our unprecedented success throughout Florida as a leader within the insurance community has allowed us to expand to California, providing the best insurance coverage in both the West and East Coast.

Whether it is auto, home, commercial, life, health, or annuity products, UniVista educates and guides clients on making the right decision for their insurance needs, building long lasting relationships with clients and earning their trust. UniVista values customer loyalty and customer’s value their protection.

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