Reasons to buy life insurance

Reasons to buy life insurance. They say that the reasons for buying life insurance are different for each person. However, despite the fact that there are many, the primary reason is the love we [...]

You can buy everything except health.

You can leave enough money to buy everything except health. One of the most recurrent expressions in last year’s Christmas greetings was “have good health.” I was even struck by [...]

Life insurance, a bet on the winner

Life insurance, a bet on the winner. Who does not have a friend who leaves 200 and 300 dollars a month playing the lottery, with the illusion that one day he will win 100 million dollars that [...]

Life insurance, a family affair

Life insurance, a family affair. One of the most common reactions of young married couples, when a child is born, is to purchase life insurance that protects the child, in case something happens [...]

Life insurance, a lifeline for ours

Life insurance, a lifeline for ours. During the pandemic, many young people became interested in life insurance. Apparently, this tragic event made us reflect on how fragile existence can be and [...]

Why term life insurance is the ideal?

Term life insurance: the ideal instrument to protect yours. If you are among the lucky ones who took advantage of low-interest rates on home loans to buy property in Florida, you have fulfilled a [...]