Main problems suffered by cars

Main problems suffered by cars. Modern vehicles tell us practically everything that happens to them. They communicate with us through indicators or alarms. However, there are other signs that put [...]

A plane falls on a vehicle in Miami

Auto insurance: A plane falls on a vehicle in Miami. Unfortunately, during this weekend, a car that was traveling on the Haulover bridge, north of Miami Beach, was literally hit by a plane. One [...]

Florida no-fault status

Florida no-fault status: the person responsible for the accident does pay. There is a lot of confusion about whether Florida is a No-Fault Law State or Not Fault Law State. There are people who [...]

List of most stolen cars in Florida

List of most stolen cars in Florida. Although Florida, with 38,271 cars, ranks third among the states with the most thefts per year, it is far behind the 168,000 cars stolen in California and the [...]