Myths about Workers’ Compensation

4 myths about Workers’ Compensation Insurance. In the US, one in five businesses closes within the first year. Workforce-related issues are among the reasons for failure. Here are some [...]

Taxes: It’s time to pay and deduct

Taxes: It’s time to pay and deduct. Taxes are one of the main ways of financing the government. With these funds, Uncle Sam finances the operation of the administration, education, roads, [...]

9 Big Risks Truckers Face

9 Big Risks Truckers Face. Being a trucker is one of the most dangerous professions. Some 388,000 truck accidents occur each year in the US. That means 6.5% of all crashes involve a truck, [...]

Delivery: a booming business opportunity

Delivery: a booming business opportunity. It is increasingly common in gatherings of friends and family, to call a restaurant and request food. It is also fashionable to buy clothes, appliances, [...]