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Reasons to Have Flood Insurance in Florida

Compelling Reasons to Have Flood Insurance in Florida. Statistics in Florida indicate that a property mortgaged for 30 years has a 26% chance of being damaged by flooding and a 9% chance of being punished by fire.
The above data should be persuasive enough for homeowners who are in doubt as to whether they have flood insurance or not. However, eight out of ten houses in the country lack such insurance.
Many Floridians wonder why they should purchase a flood policy if their property is located in an area that has never been affected by floodwaters. Of course, user experience is a great starting point when making a decision. Why insure something from damage that won’t happen?
But FEMA, in its annual reports, insists on a fact that we should not ignore, 40% of the claims originate from owners whose homes were located in areas classified as low risk.
We live in a state constantly haunted by hurricanes and storms. In the last 20 years, about 100 hurricanes and storms have touched any part of Florida. All of them are accompanied by torrential downpours or strong swells that cause sea penetration in coastal areas or large floods in the multiple reservoirs and bodies of water existing in the peninsula.
The floods in the Sunshine State are not only the result of torrential rains, the high tides cause overflowing of the sea that causes great damage in coastal areas. Compelling Reasons to Have Flood Insurance in Florida.
With this outlook, the smartest thing to do is call Univista Insurance and purchase flood insurance as the hurricane season begins. As my grandmother used to say: it is better to be safe than to have to regret.

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