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Tips for Driving a Truck in the Snow

Tips for driving a truck when there is snow on the road. After a long week of work, we met the usual group of friends and Alberto was missing. When asking about him, his wife explained that he had been detained on a highway in Texas for two days. “He was loaded with flowers for the Austin airport, but with this snowfall, he has not been able to continue moving forward.”
Transporting goods across the United States is not an easy task. Much less in winter, when half of the roads are snowy.
When driving a truck in adverse weather conditions, you must be cautious and take preventive measures.
The first one is deciding when conditions are unsafe, either because there is poor visibility or there is a lot of ice, which means it is time to stop and wait for better conditions.
If you can continue the route, you must go at a reasonable speed. Many times it is preferable to drive below the permitted limit to maintain full control of the truck. The load can wait.
Another tip is to keep your distance from other vehicles. It is preferable to travel alone, away from the rest of the cars to avoid being involved in an accident caused by the weather conditions.
Before going out, you should arm yourself with a few sandbags that they sell for the cats to relieve themselves. If you have to stop because it is very cold, be aware that the heat from the wheels can melt the snow around you, and this water, when it cools again, turns into ice. For this reason, it is recommended when stopping, throwing sand under the driving wheels of your truck, so when you decide to get back on track, have more grip and do not skate on the ice.
Old truckers recommend adding a little bit of the brake antifreeze fluid to the windshield washer canister. When the glass gets dirty, first heat it for a minute and then turn the clean ones on.
You should watch the trailer tires turn correctly, keep the fuel tanks full, and carry a hammer and spatula, in case the air tanks freeze up.
It is very important, before taking the road, to make sure that all systems are in optimal working order. Tips for driving a truck when there is snow on the road.
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