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Practical tips for saving on New Year

Practical tips for saving on home insurance for the New Year. Practical tips for saving on home insurance for the New Year. We Cubans have our beliefs. When many make their list of good resolutions for the new year, Cubans follow rituals of cleaning the house and thus preparing it for what may come.
We practice various rites, but there is a very common one that consists of painting a coconut with water and rolling it around every corner of the house. At the end of the tour, at 12 pm on December 31, you have to break the coconut at the door of the house. That should ensure prosperity for the whole family.
Another very popular ritual consists of throwing a bucket of water into the street. This is done the same December 31 at twelve, shouting Solavaya! This is how all the bad luck in the house is thrown out.
But in addition to these traditional and customary rites, it is convenient to sit down and analyze how to improve the house, taking into account that it is the greatest investment of our life and possibly our greatest asset.
For this purpose, in addition to the typical repairs of walls, doors, and furniture renovations. We could plan to renew or replace air conditioning filters or smoke alarm batteries. Thoroughly clean the refrigerator and take out the frozen ones that have been stored since the second ice age. All these steps, although they seem innocuous, help us save electricity.
Another good initiative is to change the incandescent bulbs for LEDs or smart bulbs. Bring home devices that help save energy.
And, of course, review your home insurance policy in order to lower your premiums. To do this, call Univista Insurance. Practical tips for saving on home insurance for the New Year.
Without overlooking that the end of the year is time to check that the value of our belongings is included in the homeowner’s insurance. It is time to renew ourselves, to ensure that our entire home is protected for the new year. But don’t forget to break the coconut. Happy Holidays!

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