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Consequences of driving without insurance

Consequences of driving without insurance. Camila was coming home from work, as usual, when red and blue lights flashed behind her vehicle and a hand motioned for her to stop.
The agent came over and asked for the car’s license, insurance, and registration. Camila, after showing the license, confessed to the police: “agent, I do not have car insurance.”
This was his second time, for which he had to pay a fine of 350 dollars, they withheld his registration for three months, as well as his driver’s license, and they forced him to obtain the FR-44. What’s that? “A document that serves to prove that one has the minimum coverage required by the state.”
“They left me three months without driving, I had to pay the fine and, when I went to pay to have my license plate restored, they told me nothing about that, that I had to present the FR-44 to show that I have insurance.”
“The worst thing is that my insurance company when I asked them to send proof of coverage to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for a license, raised my premium. It’s like the whole world is taking advantage of me. ”
From now on, Camila, for three years, will be paying mandatory insurance by law much higher than the minimum mandatory insurance of the state. Consequences of driving without insurance.
The law is clear, all drivers must have a license, registration, and auto insurance. If you need cheap insurance, contact Univista Insurance.

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