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Do I need landlord insurance if I rent my home?

Juan Ramírez lives with his wife and two daughters in a beautiful home in the city of Doral.

On Saturday, the girls in the family invited their classmates to “a little party” to celebrate the end of the holidays. The youngsters took over the entire environment with music, dancing, and racing around the pool.

The parents, from inside the house, looked on with pride to see their daughters enjoying themselves so happily. Suddenly, one of the young men, who was playing in the pool, slipped, hit his head, and lost consciousness.

Juan, like a spring, jumped out of his seat and called 911 for help. The rescuers, already on the scene, revived the young man, immobilized him, and transferred him to the nearest hospital, where he was treated urgently.

Fortunately, the young man was successful after the brain operation and will now have to undergo physical therapy to regain all his vital functions. The medical bill exceeds $ 400,000.
As the accident occurred at the Ramírez house, the young man’s insurer demands that the owners’ policy cover the damages suffered by their client at the party.

The problem is that the Ramírezes live for rent, and their Landlord’s insurer refuses to pay because, although it has homeowner’s insurance, a landlord’s policy was never signed.

Therefore, the owner of the property, who was neither at the party nor did he know about it, must assume the claim of the injured young man and the payment of his medical bill with money from his pocket.

The moral of this story is that if you are going to rent your house, it is advisable to purchase landlord insurance, which, in addition to protecting your property, contains a civil liability policy that covers you from possible accident claims that occur within your property.

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