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Does bringing a trampoline home affect homeowners’ insurance?

Does bringing a trampoline home affect homeowners’ insurance? Trampolines are fun and fantastic for motor coordination, muscle strengthening, burning energy, and boosting blood circulation. That’s why many parents opt to get one for their kids to jump on, engaging in a healthy activity while having fun away from the passive nature of digital screens.
However, trampolines can pose risks. According to data from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System in the US, around 10,000 children sustain injuries of varying severity while using trampolines. Therefore, when bringing one of these fun gadgets home, you should take all safety measures recommended by the manufacturer and use common sense to understand how it might affect your homeowner’s insurance.
Insurance companies don’t all take the same stance on this issue. Some policies cover trampolines without any issues under the “other structures” section. Personal liability coverage covers injuries that occur, and in the event of a claim, it covers legal fees up to the policy limit.
Other policies may cover injuries only if specific safety standards are met, although they might raise the premium.
Some insurance companies exclude trampoline coverage altogether, while others may even cancel your policy if they find out you have one of these enticing gadgets at home.
The recommendation is to read your insurance policy before bringing home one of these gadgets to see what it says or to contact your Univista Insurance agent to understand the implications for your insurance premium. Does bringing a trampoline home affect homeowners’ insurance?

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