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Does home insurance protect my belongings?

Does home insurance protect my belongings? In general, homeowners insurance, in addition to the structure of the home, covers personal belongings that may be damaged or lost after a covered risk. For example, a typical policy covers furniture, appliances, personal belongings, clothing, or decorations.
If a thief breaks into your home and steals a computer or a fire engulfs your home’s furniture and draperies, these belongings should be covered by homeowners insurance.
It is good to understand that the coverage of personal belongings has a limit specified in the policy. This limit is the maximum that the insurer is willing to pay in the event of the deterioration of a covered asset. If you’re not satisfied with that coverage when reading your policy, you can negotiate broader protection with your agent.
Another key thing to keep in mind is that insurance usually includes a deductible. In other words, the money that the client must always pay before any claim.
As we said at the beginning, homeowners insurance covers personal belongings that are damaged after a risk covered by the policy. But, if the cause of the damage is a flood caused by the rise of a river, or the ingress of water after a storm, the owner’s insurance will not protect you. For that kind of damage, you need a flood policy.
Another important fact is that if you are renting, you can also purchase a policy that covers your personal property.
If you want to know the best way to protect your belongings, contact a Univista Insurance agent and he will help you tailor the coverage to suit your needs and your pocket. Does home insurance protect my belongings?

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