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Does homeowner’s insurance cover air conditioner damage?

Does homeowner’s insurance cover air conditioner damage? Florida stands as one of the warmest regions in the U.S. In 2023, some cities in the Sunshine State experienced their hottest summer on record. With this background, it’s understandable why air conditioning is a vital element in Florida homes. Some homeowners wonder if the typical homeowner’s insurance covers their A/C.
The quick answer to this question is yes, most Florida insurance policies cover the A/C. The homeowner may receive compensation if an A/C unit is damaged, stolen, or vandalized.
However, it’s important to clarify that the damage to the A/C must result from one of the covered risks in the policy. These can include fires, vandalism, theft, lightning strikes, falling trees, etc.
Most insurance contracts specify that they will not cover damage from the homeowner’s negligence.
It’s best for you to read the policy and review the coverage exclusions carefully. There might be some policies that do not specifically mention A/C, considering it part of personal property.
It’s worth noting that if the air conditioning unit is damaged due to a flood and the property does not have a specific flood insurance policy, the homeowner’s insurance will not cover it.
If you’re interested in understanding the details of your policy, reach out to a specialist at Univista Insurance. They’ll gladly help you understand the contract and advise you on achieving better protection for your assets. Does homeowner’s insurance cover air conditioner damage?

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