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Does the homeowner’s insurance cover termite damage?

Does the homeowner’s insurance cover termite damage? In Florida, termites threaten homes year-round due to the prevailing heat and humidity. Once a property is infested, these insects feed on wood, compromising the structures and safety of the house. To make matters worse, homeowners often only realize they have a termite problem once significant damage has occurred.
Adding to the concern, termites don’t just feast on wood; they also destroy paper products, plaster, and some insulation. Statistics reveal that termites in the United States alone cause over $5 billion in damages to homeowners each year. Unfortunately, most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover these losses, deeming them preventable infestations where the homeowner is responsible for investing in inspections and treatment promptly.
Given this scenario, homeowners keen on reducing termite infestation risks should address moisture sources around their properties. It’s advisable to keep garden mulch away from the house, trim trees to at least 18 inches from the structure, and ensure that home drainage leads away from the walls. Since termites are drawn to wood, avoiding stacking firewood against the house and having decaying tree stumps near the property is essential.
While it’s nearly impossible to prevent termites entirely in Florida, regular annual inspections can help detect early signs of termite activity, allowing homeowners to address infestations promptly and prevent further property damage. Does the homeowner’s insurance cover termite damage?

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