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Driving in Florida is a privilege

Driving in Florida is a privilege. In the US driving is a privilege, not a right, as many think. In order to make use of this privilege, a driver’s license is required. This document is obtained once the person demonstrates to the relevant authorities that he or she is qualified to drive a vehicle safely, knows the traffic laws, and agrees to abide by them.
Despite the above, some people believe that they have the right to drive and buy a car and, because they do not have the papers in order, or because they lack time or desire, they do not get a driver’s license. These people are unaware that driving in Florida without a valid document is a crime that could land you in jail.
Many smart people calculate that “with so many cars and so many highways, it is very difficult for a police officer to detect who is walking without a license.” Perhaps they are right, however, they are unaware that when the police officer tells you to stop the car, most of the time, it is because they have verified in the computer that they carry on board in the patrol car that the owner of that vehicle lacks driver’s license.
Driving without a valid license is classified as a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine. It is very rare that the first time someone commits such a crime, they sleep behind bars. What is certain is that, after the trial, the sentence imposed on him will remain on his criminal record. Something that could negatively influence the process of obtaining the desired “green card”.
If you want to have the privilege to drive in Florida, enroll in a school and get your license. Don’t let the urge to drive weigh heavily on your criminal record. And when you buy your car, don’t forget that at Univista Insurance you can find the cheapest car insurance in Florida. Driving in Florida is a privilege.

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