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Ecommerce: I opened my own store on the internet

Ecommerce: I opened my own store on the internet. “We need employees”, is the claim that we often see at the doors of restaurants, hotels, transport companies, and offices. Many employers complain that they cannot find workers like before. However, the unemployment rate has dropped to 3.2%. Where are all the people?
The only answer that comes to mind is that many people have decided to undertake and are dedicated to eCommerce, said in Spanish: the sale of products and services online. Not for fun, of the nine million existing digital stores in the world, 2.5 million are in the US.
A large number of entrepreneurs benefit from different platforms, such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay to sell their products. They even enter the digital market through their own platforms and web pages.
This gigantic and attractive digital market has made thousands of people become efficient entrepreneurs who earn significant income without leaving their homes. They carry out all operations online, search for suppliers, select merchandise, buy, store and sell to end customers. “There is no boss, you do not have to suffer the daily traffic, you are at home in total independence”.
What some of these new entrepreneurs don’t know is that their business must have commercial insurance. Although this is developed through the internet, it has implications in the real world. In other words, your company can be sued if, for example, one of the electric coffee makers you sell causes a fire, if the lithium batteries in one of the toys you sell explode, or if the ink on the t-shirts you sell causes allergies to your customers.
It is advisable to purchase a business insurance package that includes commercial liability coverage that protects you against any claim, both for property damage, personal injury to a third party, or even misleading advertising.
If you must store a lot of products in your home, don’t overlook business property insurance. Ecommerce: I opened my own store on the internet.
When in doubt, call Univista Insurance and a business insurance specialist will give you all the details on how to protect your new venture.

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