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Fake News: Loss of Insurance After Vaccination

Fake News: Loses Life Insurance Benefit After Getting Vaccinated. A false news story has gone viral, according to which a family was denied the death benefit of a life insurance contract because the insured had “been inoculated with an experimental vaccine against COVID-19.”
This is one of the many rumors launched by malicious people to discourage the public from getting vaccinated. In reality, the pandemic continues to rage and, according to doctors and epidemiologists, the vaccine is the best barrier to protect us from the disease. This is demonstrated by the latest data from Florida, where 85% of those infected admitted to hospitals declare not having been vaccinated.
In fact, if a person vaccinated against COVID died, either with Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson, -all drugs authorized for emergency use- and this person has life insurance, their family would receive the benefits of death. The reasons why a claim can be denied are written in the contracts. In no case is the vaccine among them.
The four common causes for denial of life insurance are as follows:

  1. If the death occurs during the so-called challenge period, which, in general, is the first two years of validity of the policy. In which case, the insurer will investigate to determine if it received the correct information in the contract application. She will try to find out if the insured hid a terminal illness or something like that.
  2. The type of death. If the insured died while skydiving, diving, or participating in a war, provided that these activities are excluded in writing in the contract.
  3. False information. If the insured lied to the company to profit, for example, he claimed to have an impeccable driving record and concealed that his license had been suspended for drunk driving. Or if it is discovered that she convinced the doctor not to reflect the severity of an illness in the insurance application.
  4. Lack of payment. If the beneficiary had stopped paying for his insurance some time before his death.

As he sees, getting vaccinated is not a cause for them to deny the death benefit to their loved ones. Fake News: Loses Life Insurance Benefit After Getting Vaccinated.
Call Univista Insurance, get good life insurance, and leave your family members protected. But to prevent them from benefiting immediately, get vaccinated against COVID.

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