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Five measures to take care of the roof of your house

Five measures to take care of the roof of your house. The roof is one of the fundamental structures of a property. Insurance companies look closely at their status when accepting a contract. It is no secret to anyone that the roof needs maintenance to keep it in good condition. Many owners do not know how to take care of it and, when it deteriorates due to lack of conservation, unsuccessfully resort to insurers so that they cover the damage. Because companies generally only insure damage caused by natural causes or accidents. For example, if a tree or lightning strikes the roof. They do not cover damage caused by lack of care or due to the age of the roof.
How to maintain a roof?

  1. Clean the channels
    Almost all houses have gutters that collect water from the roof. These, in addition to water, accumulate branches and leaves of the trees. If they are not cleaned regularly, when it rains, the water will not be able to flow and will seek new escape routes that can damage the roof.
  2. Prune nearby trees
    The fundamental cause of the obstruction of the channels is the leaves and branches of the nearby trees. One way to protect the roof is to keep trees trimmed. Also, in a storm, the large branches could be a real hazard to your roof and property.
  3. Replace damaged tiles
    The tiles can break for many reasons, a strong wind, excess heat, or a blow from a falling branch. If upon inspection of the house, you discover that a shingle has been damaged, it needs to be replaced. Failure to do so can cause water to seep through the cracks and cause a leak.
  4. Clean the moss from the ceiling
    Many houses are surrounded by trees and hardly get any sun on the roof. Abundant shade and excess moisture can cause moss to grow. These little plants can lift asphalt shingles and make it easier for water to pass through. If your roof has moss on it, clean it by spraying a mixture of bleach water and then rinse it with plenty of water. Do not use pressurized water to avoid damaging the tiles.
  5. Inspect the attic
    It is not enough to look at the ceiling from the outside, it is best to inspect the attic chamber for possible moisture stains or leaks coming from the ceiling. If these appear, you should urgently contact a specialist to have it repaired before it becomes more damaged. Five measures to take care of the roof of your house.

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