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Five Tips to Lower Your Truck Insurance

Five Tips to Lower Your Truck Insurance. Although the trucking industry moves billions of dollars of products across the nation’s highways each year, many trucking companies face major financial problems that prevent them from further advancing their businesses.
One of those expenses that cannot be waived is insurance, but there are very useful ways to lower it.
Employ the Right Drivers
When trying to reduce insurance costs it is essential to hire drivers who have a clean driving record. Request that they have experience with the CDL license for at least two years.
Plan the routes
Believe it or not, the routes trucks operate on have an impact on your commercial insurance. Roads with worse weather conditions or high traffic density influence the level of risk. Whenever you can plan your route, avoid overcrowded metropolitan areas and roads in bad weather.
Increase deductibles
Many truck operators are unaware that increasing the deductible on their insurance policies lowers the price of premiums. You have to make sure that you can meet the deductible that your policy says. That’s why it’s best to sit down with a Univista Insurance agent to plan up to how much deductible you can afford.
Upgrade your trucks
It is not easy to have the newest truck on the market. But, considering that the age of trucks has a huge impact on your insurance policy, whenever you get a chance, upgrade your trucks. Look for those who have less than 10 years on the road and incorporate equipment that improves the safety of their trucks.
Call Univista
The best advice we can give you is to call Univista Insurance. There the specialists will ensure that you acquire the cheapest truck insurance on the market without losing benefits. Five Tips to Lower Your Truck Insurance.

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