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Green I want you green

Green I want you green. Visualize a house with a well-trimmed green lawn, with ornamental plants and, in the patio, fruit trees, just imagining it makes our soul happy. Contact with nature, in addition to allowing us to enjoy its beauty, influences our state, both physical and emotional. Tending to a garden, mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, watering, watching over the fruits, and taking care of the flowers, helps us to disconnect from everyday stress while doing an activity that improves our well-being.
Of course, having a well-kept green area is having the ideal environment to invite friends over on weekends to share a barbecue, to play dominoes, while the children bathe in the inflatable pool. For this reason, many homeowners seek ways to always keep their green space impeccable. They fight against pests, sow grass where it has withered and fertilized so that all plants are always in optimal condition.
What many homeowners are unaware of is that in Miami-Dade, since 2021, there is a county regulation that restricts the use of fertilizers in homes for six months of the year. Yes, as you heard. From May 15 to October 31, it is prohibited to use fertilizers containing nitrogen and phosphorus, either on lawns or ornamental plants.
It is not a whim of the County, the indicated period coincides with the rainy season. The aim is to prevent nitrogen and phosphorus residues, which contain fertilizers, from being carried by the rains to the Bay and contributing to water pollution.
According to scientists, the great bloom of algae that we observe every summer on the beaches and the scarcity of seagrass in Biscayne Bay -essential for the life of manatees- have their origin in the excess of nutrients in the waters.
We are on a date. Right now, you can take advantage of and use the fertilizers that your house plants need. But as of May 15, be careful, keep your garden beautiful, without damaging the Bay and the beaches. In addition, violating the regulations can cost you a fine. Green I want you green.
One last piece of advice: take care of your home’s garden, use ecological fertilizers, yes, leave security in the hands of Univista Insurance, where you can find the cheapest home insurance on the market.

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