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Here, no one uses the blinkers

Here, no one uses the blinkers. Some friends had a seemingly silly dispute over the use of turn signals. The two were driving to Maria’s house, where they planned to have lunch and together reminisce about college times. The passenger was visiting Miami, she did not have a car, and the driver stopped by her hotel to pick her up. The discussion began when the passenger observed that her friend, she, was passing the lanes of the streets or turning, without signaling with her turn signals.
– Hey, don’t you use your blinkers? – She exclaimed in alarm. – The what? – the driver replied jokingly. Bah! Those here, nobody uses them.
– But, it is safer, indicate where you want to go –, affirmed the passenger.
– This is a jungle, if you use the indicators, the one behind accelerates and doesn’t let you pass. If you don’t like it, you have to get off, dear,” said the driver, dying of laughter, while she moved from one lane to another, without indicating her maneuver.
In that, a car that was driving in the left lane brushed against the car in which they were both traveling and broke the rear-view mirror, and damaged the side paint. Both motorists stopped driving and began arguing about who was right.
Meanwhile, the anger was heating up, the passenger took a taxi and continued on her way.
The driver called María and told her that Ana, which was the name of the passenger, was a terrible friend of hers. Because she had left her alone on the road. However, Ana affirmed that she does not like “toxic” people who seem to enjoy problems and messes. “The accident was the result of her irresponsibility. She endangered her life, mine, and the lives of the people in the other car.”
We are not going to assess whether Ana should have stayed or left. The key idea of ​​this event is that flashing lights should be used. That is its only function: to warn the other drivers of the movement that we are going to make. It is a security device created to save lives. By the way, if the driver behind you won’t let you pass, you can make the lane change behind him. It’s not the end of the world either.
The outcome of the case was as follows: Since Florida is a No-Fault state, each insurance company assumes its client’s damages. Since the damage did not exceed $1,500, which is the driver’s deductible, she had to bear 100% of the cost of repairing her vehicle. Here, no one uses the blinkers.
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