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Home insurance: water damage vs. flood damage

Home insurance: water damage vs. flood damage. Many homeowners mistakenly believe that all water damage to their property falls into the same category and is covered by their homeowner’s insurance.
If the water floods the floor due to a broken pipe, the malfunction of an appliance -air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine- coming from the bathtub or sink, these damages are protected by most home policies.
The insurance will cover repair work on affected ceilings and floors, proper drying of walls and floors, replacement of materials -carpet or walls-, repair of broken pipes, broken appliances, or leaking roof, provided that this was caused by a storm.
However, damage caused by a flood due to the rise of a nearby river or the sea, the overflow that may occur after torrential downpours, or the water that enters the house due to the malfunction or saturation of the sewage system, are not covered by home insurance.
Another common misconception is that if rainwater enters through an existing roof break and damages the house, insurance will cover it. In this case, most insurers interpret that the origin of the damage is not the rain, but the owner’s negligence, by not fixing the leak in time. The breaking of the roof is prior to the downpours. Home insurance: water damage vs. flood damage.
To find out if water damage is covered by your homeowner’s policy, consider the source of the water. In other words, most policies will cover all water damage caused by an accident, carelessness, or unforeseen breakage.

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