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How does the new roof repair law affect me?

How does the new roof repair law affect me? Today more than ever, Florida property owners must pay attention to roof maintenance and repair. Insurers complain of having lost $ 1.3 billion in the past year due to increased claims.
So much so that, these days, in the state parliament a bill is being debated that, if approved, insurance would only pay for roof repairs based on their age, if they have not been repaired in recent years. ten years. That is, customers who claim would be reimbursed to repair the damaged roof based on the age of the structure, what they call for the actual cash value.
Although many voices have been raised against the legal proposal, our best advice is that when it is time to repair the roof, do not let time pass and fix it. If you know that the useful life of a roof is 20 to 25 years, you can plan ahead for its replacement.
Of course, avoid entrusting the work to a friend. Better hire a professional who, in addition to assessing the condition of the roof, will be able to advise you on the best materials and procedures and will be able to obtain the necessary permits to carry out the repair.
Before choosing a contractor, ask for multiple estimates, find someone who has been making arrangements in your area for several years and has experience working with the City.
Once you have your roof renovated, inform your insurance company and your monthly premium will most likely decrease. On the other hand, if the law were to change you, it would not affect you. How does the new roof repair law affect me?
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