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I am a painter, do I need insurance?

I am a painter, do I need insurance? People usually move more from April to June. House painters know this because that is when they have the most demand for their work. However, Roberto complains that they have called him to do four jobs in condominiums and he has not been able to accept them because he lacks painter’s insurance.
Why do I need painter’s insurance? he asks angrily, “if the important thing is to paint well and I am the King of the Brush. I keep waiting, when they see me paint, they will always call me. You will see”.
What Roberto does not know is that, if he gets insurance as a painter, contracts will start to rain. He himself is a witness, many neighborhood associations do not allow work because they do not have insurance for the work that he is going to carry out.
We live in a country where legal demands are raining and, although Roberto may not believe it, painters are exposed to important liability claims.
A painter who has to remove an old layer of lead-based paint to do his job can be sued if the client believes that he did not get it right. Imagine someone slipping around the house on a bit of paint or a drip of thinner spoiling the wood floor, what if removing a switch causes a short circuit and an appliance burns, or moving a Does this cabinet break or an expensive vase falls and shatters? What if going up the stairs to where he is going to work, he breaks the glass in the elevator?
Well, all those examples and more are covered by a painter’s insurance that Univista Insurance will tailor for your business. I am a painter, do I need insurance?
If you are a painter, do not sit around waiting like Roberto, take out your insurance and take advantage of the season that has just begun.

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