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I can’t find employees for my company, what do I do?

I can’t find employees for my company, what do I do? Since the pandemic began, the great challenge for small businesses is to hire new employees with whom to complete the workforce. Going out into the labor market to challenge large companies for qualified personnel seems an impossible task for a modest company, since, in general, they cannot match the salaries offered by large companies or improve profits.
For every problem, there is a solution. So we’ve put together a few tips to help you be attractive to your employees.

  1. Know the business and be flexible
    Understand that you do not have a large company, therefore, you cannot compete in the job market as the big ones do, at the expense of checks. But it can compete in flexibility. If you run your business from an office, your employees may be more interested in working from home. If they can and prefer that way of working, right there they achieve a great advantage over large companies that cannot always offer tele-employment.
  2. Work by objective, not by time
    When setting goals, of course, take into account the profitability of the company, but once achieved allow your employees to have more free time to use for their private tasks. There is nothing that irritates an employee more than having him sitting in a chair wasting time.
  3. Staggered and immediate benefits
    Study your business well and create an attractive profit scale that encourages employees to be more productive. Depending on the business in question, from certain sales levels, increase employee commissions considerably. Do not wait until the end of the year to distribute benefits, if you can, do it at least once a month.
  4. Differentiate yourself as much as possible
    As you can see, to be attractive you must be creative. Find ways to make a big impact on customers and your employees. Try to do things differently and efficiently, to set you apart from your competitors. Your employees can be your best allies when looking for and achieving a differentiating stamp. Give them participation.
  5. Advertising
    Without advertising, there is no business. Explore new, more creative ways to promote your company in your niche. They don’t have to be expensive, for example, work with influencers who have an increasing presence on social media.
  6. Insurance
    Do not forget to purchase your commercial insurance with Univista Insurance, which, for less money, will achieve greater coverage. I can’t find employees for my company, what do I do?

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