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Termite damage, does my policy protect me?

I have termite damage, does the homeowner’s policy protect me? Homeowner’s insurance is the shield to protect our main investment from the abrupt damages and unexpected accidents that it may suffer. If a hurricane knocks a tree over the roof, if the house is suddenly on fire, or if a car hits our front, you will only touch your wallet to pay the deductible because the insurance company will take care of the rest.
However, there are homeowners who discover that they are suffering from a termite invasion and far from fighting them immediately (which is recommended), they let things get worse so that “they can claim insurance for structural damage.”
Big mistake !!!
If the function of insurance is to protect the home from sudden damage and unexpected accidents, the owner’s responsibility is to keep his property in good condition, through continuous maintenance, repair, and replacement of structures damaged by use. You should also take care of periodically inspecting your home and fumigating it, when necessary.
Therefore, termite damage is excluded from most homeowners’ policies, as it is not considered sudden damage. They happen little by little and can be avoided by taking preventive or palliative measures in time.
Specialists recommend inspecting the home once a year. Even if the tent has been disinfected, the guarantee of which is generally five years. I have termite damage, does the homeowner’s policy protect me?
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