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Insure your sailing dreams

Insure your sailing dreams. Some boat owners refuse to purchase boat-specific insurance, claiming that their home policy is sufficient. The reality is that homeowners insurance only offers very limited coverage for boats. That is, if the boat is vandalized, catches fire, suffers damage caused by wind or hail, most homeowners insurance will only cover it up to $1,000 in damages.
This same would be the coverage if your boat is stolen, the home insurance will only compensate you up to 1,000 dollars. What can you buy with that? I can not think of anything. Perhaps an oar.
On the other hand, although the home insurance includes a $100,000 civil liability policy to cover damages to third parties, in the case of owning a boat, said policy limits coverage to the size and power of the boat. For example, it covers damage to outboard motorboats with less than 25 horsepower and most contracts exclude Jet Skis.
It is best to have boat insurance that protects you from the damage that your boat may suffer in its different structures: the hull, the sails, or the engine. In the event of a serious accident, boat insurance can finance the replacement of the boat. In addition, if you cause any damage in a crash, or when docking at the dock, the civil liability policy will cover you. When you take out boat insurance, you have medical coverage for you and those who accompany you on your marine adventures. Insure your sailing dreams.
Many boats have to be towed when their engine stops working. Have you ever wondered how much the towing service is included in most boat insurance costs?
In short, there is no justification for not having boat insurance tailored to your needs. If what worries you most is the price, at Univista Insurance you can find the cheapest boat insurance in Florida.

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