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It’s not a joke to drive without car insurance

It’s not a joke to drive without car insurance. A policeman stops a car on the road and orders the driver: “Please, your driver’s license.” The driver looks at him strangely, he answers. “But what did you do with her? Yesterday on this same street you took her from me.” He will imagine what comes next.
With this joke, we wanted to illustrate what can happen to a driver if a police officer finds him driving without car insurance. In Florida, more than 3 million people commit this violation despite the fact that the law is very clear, each motorist must have, in addition to their driver’s license, updated auto insurance with the coverage required by the state. That is, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) that covers a minimum of $10,000 and a Property Damage Liability (PDL) policy with coverage of the same amount. Auto insurance must be active as long as the vehicle is registered in your name, even if it is always parked in the home garage.
The first time a police officer catches you driving without insurance, you would be fined $150, plus your license and registration could be suspended for up to 3 years if you don’t show satisfactory proof of insurance on time. It’s not a joke to drive without car insurance.
The best way to avoid these bad times is to call Univista Insurance and apply for the cheapest auto insurance in Florida. Don’t do like the character in the joke, who was out on the street the day after being found driving without insurance. Most likely, this character sleeps behind bars for a repeat offender.

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