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It’s time to go to the sea

It’s time to go to the sea. Boats are like bears, they hibernate during the winter and as soon as temperatures rise, they come out hungry for sun and sea. Despite Florida being a state where temperatures never get cold enough, there is a noticeable difference between the winter and summer months in terms of boat usage.
Now the time has come to go to sea and of course to resume the boat insurance suspended during the winter.
Remember that your insurance may cover you for the “agreed value” of your boat or the “actual cash value”.
The first coverage, although more expensive, at least one knows how much the insurer will pay in case the boat is declared a total loss, after an accident.
However, coverage for the “real cash value” or “actual cash value” takes into account the depreciation of the vessel at the time a total loss is declared.
In boat insurance, there is not much mystery. What insurers do is cover a good against potential risks, which are influenced by age, size, the speed at which it travels, price, the type of use it has, the place where it operates, and the experience of the pilot. It’s time to go to the sea.
If you’re thinking of bringing your boat out of hibernation, call Univista Insurance and you’ll find the cheapest boat insurance in Florida. In addition, you will be able to learn about the different types of coverage available to ensure that you feel calm when sailing with your family.

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