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Kind Tide: A period of penetration of the sea

Kind Tide: We are in a period of penetration of the sea. We have been looking at the sky for several weeks, praying for the rains to stop and with them the danger of floods to be removed. However, when we look up, we overlook that at this time of year the water can flow from the very bowels of the earth, gush from the sewers when the sea level rises, and gains the lands located in the low areas of the coasts.
It is not black magic, it is the Royal Tide a natural phenomenon of high tides that happens annually from September to December and in March. In our case, it affects the lowlands and coastal areas of South Florida.
But what is the Royal Tide or King Tide in English? High tides occur when the Moon in its elliptical orbit is closest to the earth – in the Full Moon or New Moon phase. In these phases, its gravitational attraction is added to that which, to a lesser extent, the Sun exerts on our planet, raising the tide. It turns out that around September 22 and March, during the autumn and spring equinoxes, the Sun is in the plane of the Earth’s equator so its effect is maximum and gives rise to this great tide, commonly known as King Tide.
Although it is a predictable fact, it is not always the same. Given that meteorological factors that can only be predicted in the short term are increasingly influencing, such as atmospheric pressure, the direction, and intensity of the wind, or the presence of hurricanes or storms. The latter can cause these high tides to turn into extreme swells and large penetrations of the sea, the extent of which cannot be accurately predicted.
For this reason, local authorities ask those who live in low-lying areas to place sandbags on their doorsteps and garage doors these days to reduce possible water penetration. In addition, they advise against driving through flooded areas. Kind Tide: We are in a period of penetration of the sea.
According to the NOAA forecast, the next high tides will take place from October 5 to 11; from 20 to 21 of the same month; from November 3 to 9, and December 2 to 7.
If you live in a low-risk area, take precautions and have your flood insurance handy. Remember the home insurance policies do not cover damage caused by rising waters.
If your property or business was affected by the floods of September 11, do not let the time pass and file a claim with your insurance company.
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