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Better to be insured

The 2020 hurricane season broke a new record when Tropical Storm Beta made landfall in Texas, making it the ninth named storm to do so and leaving behind the previous record set more than a century ago, in 1916.

The current season also tied with three the record for the most named storms formed in a single day. With 23 storms, the record of the largest number of named storms formed in the Atlantic before the end of the summer has been pulverized, being the largest number ever recorded. It achieved four more storms than the previous record, reached in the 2005 season.

On July 2, the Cristobal storm set another new record, being the first storm with the letter “C” to form in history. The previous record was held by Storm Colin, which had been organized three days after the same month in 2016. With the letter “E”, Storm Eduardo arrived before the “E” of previous seasons. The previous record was 15 years old and was in the hands of the storm Emily, of the 2005 season.

The 2005 season still holds the record for the highest number of storms on record with 31, of which 27 were named. In the current season, all the predicted names for the storms were exhausted, so meteorologists began to name them with Greek letters. At the rate we are going, 2020 could become the most active in history. If we take into account that the Beta storm formed on September 18, one month and three days before the same Greek letter was used in the 2005 season. At that time, the storms Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, and Zeta rose to the scoreboard.

Everything indicates that October will be turbulent. To make matters worse, we will be under the influence of the Queen Tide, the meteorological phenomenon that causes water, by gravitational force, to emanate from the very bowels of the earth and floods occur. Also, the hurricane season runs until November 15.

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