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More rain and possible floods for South Florida

“More rain and possible floods for South Florida” is the most recurring headline in newspapers in recent days. Those who are familiar with the state know that this will be our daily bread during the hurricane season, which is in effect until November 30th.
Just six inches of rain are enough to flood low-lying areas and water can penetrate into homes or parked vehicles.
It’s no secret that during the hurricane season, storms with heavy rain and occasional storm surges occur, resulting in floods that often happen outside the designated “flood risk zones.”
We can’t avoid storms, hurricanes, or heavy rain. However, Florida homeowners can mitigate this risk by obtaining flood insurance to protect their homes.
If, unfortunately, your property gets flooded during one of these downpours, flood insurance will cover the electrical system, water pumps, solar energy equipment, plumbing, furnace, water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, garage, all artwork, and leather items – up to a value of $2,500. Imagine having to replace all these items out of pocket after a storm, as well as repairing the wooden flooring, removing mud from your house, treating the walls for mold, and paying for debris removal.
It’s better not to waste any more time or tempt fate. Get flood insurance to protect your most significant investment, at least during the 2023 hurricane season.
At Univista Insurance, you can obtain the cheapest flood insurance in all of Florida. More rain and possible floods for South Florida.

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