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My car broke down on the road, now what?

My car broke down on the road, now what? The main way to get around in Florida is by using a private car. Floridians drive to work, visit relatives, and see friends by car. Miami residents travel in their own vehicles to the parks in Orlando, while Orlando residents drive to Miami. According to statistics, Floridians drive an average of 11,800 miles per year, which is nearly 1,000 miles per month.
But what happens when we’re traveling on a road and the car breaks down, a tire bursts, or it runs out of battery or fuel? The best solution for this unexpected situation is to have Roadside Assistance insurance.
Generally, this insurance covers towing the disabled vehicle to a nearby repair shop. It can provide you with jumper cables to recharge your battery, bring you some fuel to reach the nearest gas station, or unlock your car if your keys are locked inside.
Having Roadside Assistance insurance, which is usually very affordable, can prevent you from spending a night on the road or being immobilized under the scorching Florida sun. It can even allow you to arrive on time for that long-awaited cousin’s wedding if your car decides to break down on such an important day.
Review your insurance policy and find out if it includes Roadside Assistance coverage. If it doesn’t, call your insurance agent and let them know you’re interested in purchasing it.
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