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Needs protection: any vehicle can be vandalized

Needs protection: any vehicle can be vandalized. Last week, a video of a neighbor from South Florida went viral, apparently experiencing a psychotic episode and armed with a large knife, she started puncturing the four tires of all her neighbors’ cars.
When the police arrived and intervened, the young woman had already completed her destructive act. She was hospitalized in a psychiatric facility, but the neighbors were left behind, now having to repair the damages they suffered.
One of the neighbors explained to a reporter that “the three vehicles in his house were vandalized” and that he would have to invest around $3,000 to replace the slashed tires. The reporter asked him, “But don’t you have insurance?” “No, I don’t,” the neighbor replied.
This man’s story would have been different if he had a comprehensive policy – also known as comprehensive coverage – that protects car owners in case of malicious damage.
This policy, which many also call full coverage insurance, covers damages caused by malicious acts, such as scratches, broken windows, or body damage.
Those who do have this policy and become victims of a vandalism act on their vehicle, in order to make a successful claim, it is important to file a report with the police and obtain an official report. Afterwards, they should call their insurance company and report the incident.
Generally, the insurer will ask for the police report and any available evidence of the incident – photographs of the damages or testimonies – that support the claim. It is also important to note that claims must be made within the deadlines specified in the insurance policy. Failing to meet this requirement may invalidate the claim.
Regardless of having comprehensive insurance, it is also a good idea to take preventive measures to avoid vandalism, such as parking in well-lit areas with high pedestrian traffic and using security systems.
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