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Obamacare: Golden Age of Preventive Medicine

Obamacare: The Golden Age of American Preventive Medicine. The US Supreme Court has just dismissed the challenge filed by the state of Texas against the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare. The 11.3 million people in federally subsidized health plans can breathe easy and continue to enjoy the great benefits guaranteed by law until the next challenge if is repeated.
Although the high magistrates left in force the requirement that establishes that people who do not have health insurance must pay a fine, said the legal requirement is today inoperative since Congress reduced the fine to zero dollars.
If we are rigorous, no fine should force you to take care of yourself. If you and your family don’t yet have health insurance under Obamacare, you can be sure you are missing out on a golden opportunity.
Think about the last time you had a full, zero-cost health check. When was an analysis performed to find out exactly your health status? Well, health plans under Obamacare put the emphasis on preventive medicine. This means that the doctors will do the impossible to detect any ailment that you have in an incipient stage, in the phase that it can be easily solved.
It is not a secret for anyone, that if serious diseases are discovered early, the possibility of cure is exponentially increased.
All health plans can assess your health at no cost. Believe it or not, this includes cholesterol screening, blood pressure, colorectal cancer screening, depression diagnosis, diabetes screening, hepatitis B, AIDS, lung cancer screening, syphilis screening, tuberculosis. Women, after an analysis, can advise the most appropriate contraceptive methods. They also do preeclampsia screenings, urinary tract infection screenings, and many more. All free. What other insurance gives you so many benefits? Obamacare: The Golden Age of American Preventive Medicine.
Don’t waste your time anymore, don’t expose family health. The best health coverage in the world is at your fingertips, and to top, it all, subsidized by Uncle Sam. You just have to call Univista and remember that the deadline is until August 15.

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