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Obamacare: protects the family economy

Obamacare: the insurance that protects the family economy. About 57% of the uninsured in the US, some 29 million, are eligible for free state-subsidized health insurance.
The poorest residents are guaranteed free Medicaid services and those with slightly higher incomes, that is, between 100% and 400% of the poverty rate, are eligible to receive substantial subsidies when purchasing health plans. under Obamacare. There are families who will pay only $ 10 a month or nothing for a health insurance plan.
Many people consider that their salary is living and therefore is outside the limits of the income protected by Obamacare. But it is not like that.
For example, a family of four – a married couple with two children – earning up to $ 104,800 a year could benefit from Obamacare subsidies.
If that same couple has only one child and earns up to $ 86,880, they can also access subsidized health insurance.
It has nothing to do with someone considering that they earn enough to provide for their family, if their income falls within the range covered by the government, they should take advantage of that advantage and purchase insurance that covers, like no other, the health of their loved ones while protecting the family economy.
Best of all, this year, the Obamacare enrollment period will be open until August 15th. You are in time to get the best health insurance for your family. Obamacare: the insurance that protects the family economy.
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