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Obamacare Pre-Existing Conditions

Obamacare: Why are pre-existing conditions so important?

You could have a pre-existing condition without knowing it and could be forced to pay more for your health insurance if it weren’t for this law that protects your health and your pocketbook.
Pre-existing conditions have been very present in the electoral debate. The Democratic candidate accuses his opponent of wanting to eliminate them along with Obamacare, while the Republican candidate defends himself and promises that he would guarantee them.
Why are pre-existing conditions so important and how can they affect you?
Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), known as Obamacare, it was normal for health insurance companies to discriminate against people who had a disease or needed expensive treatments. If someone sick wanted to get insurance, they had to pay much more than a healthy person. Which left millions of sick Americans without the necessary medical protection.
Many companies even required a waiting period before guaranteeing coverage for such important diseases as cancer, diabetes, asthma, arteriosclerosis, depression, or other mental illnesses. It also affected people injured due to an accident, or who had Alzheimer’s, or had survived a heart attack, or a stroke, they were considered to have pre-existing conditions, so the prices of their insurance policies skyrocketed or directly were rejected from coverage.
One of the conditions Obamacare imposed on companies in order to operate in the healthcare market was to eliminate any allusion to pre-existing conditions in the contracts. In this way, health companies cannot deny coverage to a patient with cancer or who has suffered a heart attack, and the policies of someone healthy or with a pre-existing condition have the same price.
On the other hand, and no less important is that ACA established a maximum annual payment. Something that guarantees financial stability to people who need constant medical services.
And finally, the ACA included pregnancy as a pre-existing condition. Therefore, pregnant women who have a medical plan under the ACA have medical coverage for all the treatments they need from the first day of pregnancy.
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