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Oh my gosh, I forgot my driver’s license

Oh my gosh, I forgot my driver’s license. We live in very dynamic times. On the same day, we carry out multiple procedures. We go to our workplace, we move to attend a meeting, then we meet a colleague for lunch to discuss a project. Later we go to a store to buy that part we need. In the afternoon we go to the school to pick up the children. Anyway, we are in and out, driving from morning to afternoon, solving personal or work matters.
In one of those entrances and exits, it is possible to forget the driver’s license and we realize this when a police officer stops us on the road and asks for our documentation. To do?
Although driving without a license is illegal, it can happen to anyone. That is why it is advisable to remain calm and explain to the agent what happened. Usually, the officer will ask you a few questions to check that you are who you say you are and whether you really forgot your license.
In this situation, the officer may choose to give you a verbal or written warning or issue you a traffic citation for forgetting your license. If the latter occurs, you would be required to appear in court and show the document. Even so, the case can be dismissed and you would only have to pay about 5 dollars. If the agent is very strict and chooses to penalize you with a fine, remember that this could be registered in your driving record and affect the rate of your insurance premium.
Therefore, it is important to take preventive measures. For example, carry a photo of the license on both sides of the phone and put a photocopy of the license in the glove compartment of the car. These simple precautions can help you convince the police that it was a little human carelessness.
If this is the first time you forget your license, it may be considered a misdemeanor, but the second time it happens, the law may be more stringent.
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