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Old, but interesting … and also more expensive

Old, but interesting … and also more expensive. It is no secret to anyone that it is generally much more expensive to insure an old home. A factor to weigh when buying a property.
The reason is simple. The business of insurance companies is to buy risk. But sometimes the risk is so obvious that they don’t want to take it. Statistics indicate that older homeowners make more claims as their properties are in worse condition. Roof, plumbing, electrical, wiring, and building standards are often out of date.
If the house of your dreams is an old house, with spacious rooms, a large patio with a pool, surrounded by fruit trees, and located in front of a beautiful lake, you must understand that the age of the property will influence the price of insurance owner. Also, some companies may refuse to insure that home.
It is advisable to incorporate into the search process an insurance agent from Univista Insurance who, when you have more or less defined the house you want to buy, can anticipate if there is any difficulty in insuring it. They can advise you, for example, to ask the seller to improve a system in order to make the purchase. “A badly placed breaker in the electrical panel or a leak in the roof can be enough for an insurance company to write off a property.” In addition, by having the agent involved in the purchase, he or she could review the property’s claims history to assess the intrinsic risk of the property and in this way, save you a lot of money.
Anyway, in real estate age does matter. “I’m old, but interesting” does not work here, to do justice you would have to add “and more expensive”. Old, but interesting … and also more expensive.
Regardless of the home you own or want to buy, call Univista Insurance and get the cheapest homeowners insurance on the market.

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