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Old Town Kissimmee: Classic Cars Celebrate

Old Town Kissimmee: Classic Cars Celebrate. Car lovers are celebrating, the Old Town classic vehicle exhibition in Kissimmee, a city located in central Florida south of Orlando, the largest car show in the US, will take place on March 19 throughout the day.
For 32 years, this motor festival has been celebrated, in which classic cars, from different corners of the country, circulate through the main street of Old Town.
If you are a fan of classic cars, I imagine you will be aware of this unique event. It is time to prepare your car and move towards the center of the peninsula.
It’s not every day you can enjoy a 1951 Ford Mercury, a 1957 Chevrolet, or a 1955 Oldmobile as if they had just left the factory, hear the characteristic noise of their engines and move through the streets full of classic cars as if you were in a Hollywood movie from the middle of the last century. This is the best plan for the family or to go with a group of friends. Plus, Orlando’s parks are just a stone’s throw away.
You’ll be amazed when you see classic hot-rods flexing their muscles in extravagant ways cruising the cobblestone streets of Old Town. There will be live music and food, in this great show, from eleven in the morning until eleven at night.
On the other hand, it is a great opportunity to buy a classic car. Many of the attendees take advantage of the event to sell the jewels from their collection. Old Town Kissimmee: Classic Cars Celebrate.
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