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Pandemic and Mask Dances

Pandemic and mask dances, the new image of the Night Clubs

Governor Ron De Santis announced the entry into Phase 3 of reopening toward the new normal for Florida. This phase authorizes the opening of Night Clubs and Bars, something highly demanded by business owners affected by the closings of their premises for six months, which had them on the verge of bankruptcy.
Some fairly conservative analyzes place at 7.5 million the number of small businesses that could close permanently in the US due to the pandemic.

With this authorization, these businesses will be able to begin working, however, complying with the restrictions imposed by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for these times of pandemic.

Thus, Night Clubs and bars will be able to open at 50% of their capacity and in compliance with social distancing. Something curious is that in dance halls all customers must wear masks and they will only be allowed to remove them when they are sitting at the tables, drinking or eating.

So going to a Night Club will be the same as attending a medieval carnival in Venice, Italy, where masked people danced and shared without showing their true faces and lived in a kind of fantasy.

Of course, a pandemic is a real event, it continues in our environment. Therefore, the owners of the premises face a dilemma related to the possible demands that may arise from their employees, in case they are infected during the performance of their work.

Now more than ever, it is necessary to have updated workers’ compensation insurance to guarantee health coverage for employees and defend the business from possible lawsuits. Remember that saying that says that “there is no carnival without Lent.”

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